#155: Give Them Faster Horses

Give them faster horses! I say this tongue and cheek. Only to make the point that as technology professionals we have to lead the innovation in our organizations. Not just take requests from our business partners. We have to become as … Continue reading

#153: Part II Business Requirements

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley, I am continuing our discussion on project management tools and approaches with Part II of how to develop your business requirements. I mentioned in last episode that there are multiple layers to … Continue reading

#121: Building a Business Value Dashboard

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I am discussing the importance of developing a business value dashboard to demonstrate information technology contribution to the lines of business. Businesses are increasingly viewing information technology as a strategic competitive advantage. … Continue reading

#96: IT Stat Model Process

In episode #94, I talked about turning your Project Management Office (PMO) into a Results Management Office (RMO). This week I will talk about taking the RMO a step further by adopting the CityStat and TechStat models to your organization. … Continue reading

#88: Six Blind Men and the Elephant

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I will be comparing the fable of the six blind men and the elephant to our roles as technology leaders. Six blind men wandered into a village and heard there was an elephant … Continue reading

#85: Notes From the IBM CIO Exchange

This week I had the opportunity to connect with fellow CIOs at IBM CIO exchange. On this episode of CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I will share my notes from the CIO exchange meeting. There are three major shifts that … Continue reading

#83: Are You a Management Consultant

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I am asking are you a management consultant. As technology leaders it is time for us to change our approach. Numerous pundits have stated that technology should be out on the creative … Continue reading

#70: What is Your 90 Day Plan

In this week’s episode of CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I am discussing the importance of a 90 day plan. Why is it important to have one. How you can leverage a consistent 90 play more than just in your … Continue reading

#69: Would You Outsource IT?

In this week’s episode I speak briefly to some of the questions I have received. Including would you outsource IT? There isn’t a lot of show notes this week because it is a short week to celebrate Thanksgiving in the … Continue reading

#62: Part II Talking Leadership with Tushar Deshpande

This week I am continuing my discussion with Tushar Deshpande on leadership and how experience leading large volunteer organizations translates into successful leadership in the corporate environment. This is Part II so I would recommend that you start with episode … Continue reading