#149: Failure to Launch

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley, I am Failure to Launch and how to overcome it. Failure to launch is the gap that is preventing you from achieving your dreams and desires. As you move forward in life … Continue reading

#080: Pete Carroll did it You Can to

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I am discussing how Pete Carroll’s philosophy for success in football can translate into your success as a business leader. Are you as a leader honing your leadership style and approach to … Continue reading

#72: 12 Elements of Success in 2014

This week on CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I am discussing the 12 elements of success in 2014. It is coming up to the end of the year for 2013 and many of you are starting to think about what … Continue reading

#63: Interview with Vince Molinaro of Knightsbridge

I have a great guest for you today. Vince Molinaro from Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and the author of the leadership contract. Vince Molinaro has been studying leadership for 25 years. He knows firsthand the effect leadership has on employee … Continue reading

#59: Presentation Tips

What are some quick and easy presentation tips? How can you get ready for your next meeting? Is there a small change that will result in a big benefit in your next presentation? I will share several presentation tips in … Continue reading

#49: Using the 9 Box

What is the 9 Box? How is it used in an organization? Can you identify high potential employees? Do you have a succession plan? In this episode of CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I will be discussing the use of … Continue reading

#45: Practice vs Game Time in the Corporate Environment

Doctors see problems, coaches see opportunity, Karen Pape MD Last week I talked about how to become a corporate MVP and several of you engaged in a great discussion on how can we apply the principals of Lebron James and … Continue reading

#44: Become a Corporate MVP

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”, Thomas Edison Welcome to CIO Playbook I am Jeffrey Hurley and we have a great show for you today. I will be talking about LeBron James and how he has evolved into … Continue reading

#43: How Engagement Contributes to High Performance

Why is measuring employee engagement so important? How does employee engagement contribute to building a high performance organization? What can you as a leader do to influence employee engagement, commitment, and encourage higher performance. We will be talking about emotional … Continue reading

#38: Goal Obsession

In this episode of CIO Playbook with Jeffrey Hurley I will be discussing the impact of goal obsession and how that obsession can lead to decision-making focused on achieving the goal at the expense of other opportunities and often ignoring the issues and risks … Continue reading